How to Make a PDF From Dreamweaver

by Filonia LeChat

With all of the acronyms that go into creating an Adobe Dreamweaver website, including HTML, CSS and JPG, another addition to the alphabet soup is PDF. The Adobe portable document format file is a way for you to convert Dreamweaver pages, which may only be opened by other Dreamweaver users, into a more universal format. Make a PDF from your Dreamweaver site files and share your website before uploading it to the Internet.

Step 1

Launch Adobe Dreamweaver. Click the name of the Dreamweaver file to turn into a PDF under the “Open a Recent Item” column or, if the page isn’t listed, click the “Open” folder link, browse to the Dreamweaver file and double-click the file name.

Step 2

Click the “File” menu. Click “Save As.”

Step 3

Pull down the “Save as type” menu and click “PDF.”

Step 4

Make any changes to the “File name” text box and “Save in” destination folder at the top of the window if desired.

Click the “Save” button.


  • You’ll only see the “PDF” option in the “Save as type” menu drop-down if you have PDF capability on your computer. While some versions of Dreamweaver, such as those sold as part of the latest Adobe Creative Suite 5 package, come with Adobe PDF, earlier versions of the Suite and standalone Dreamweaver copies (as well as those which were sold by Dreamweaver’s creator, Macromedia, before it was bought by Adobe), do not have PDF options. You can purchase Adobe Acrobat, the software required to make PDFs, from the Adobe website.

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