How to Make Your Own Website for Teens Free

By Amanda Maddox

A variety of templates are available for a free website.
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Sharing information with family and friends is made possible by creating a free website, and having Internet access allows almost any teen to create his own website. However, using a free Web host to create your site generally requires that you allow the site to place ads on your Web pages. But considering that you are only out the time it takes to create the site and maintain it, a website is still an inexpensive way to connect with others.

Pick a domain name for your website, which is the title that follows the www in the address bar. Register your domain name at a site, such as, or Also, check with the Web hosting service to check if it offers domain registration as a service.

Visit a teen friendly site, such as, and review the free Web-hosting services like, or (See References.) allows users over the age of 13, making it a good selection for teens. Creating a website requires the same basic steps regardless of the web hosting service, but to use, register with the site by entering your email address, password, name, birthday, referral and gender.

Enter your site address or domain name in the next area. Name your site by placing the name in the site title section. Choose an age-appropriate name for teens.

Choose a template that meets your personal needs based on style, color and content. Bright colors, such as purple and bright green, are available and make nice choices for a teen website. You can change the template later if you decide to. Read the terms and conditions statement and click in the box indicating you agree with them. Click the green box; this will allow you to continue to the next step.

Begin creating your site by adding pages in the site builder. Name the pages logically, such as a “Home” page and “Contact” page. Click on the “Edit page” button. When the page opens, begin adding information.

Click on “Add paragraph” button to add text to your Web page. To add an image, click the “Upload image file” and select an image from your computer. Move the text or photo by using the toolbar to grab the edge and slide it.

Save the information by clicking the “Done” button. Go back to the site builder page and click “Publish page” to make your Web page active for others to view. Edit your site by logging in and using the site builder to make changes, update pages or add information.