How to Make Your Own Website With No Fees

by James Wright

The website creation process is typically laden with a number of fees. Asking people to code a site for you or buying a template, purchasing a domain name, buying web hosting and all the monthly payments for these services can add up and become quite costly. Whether you don't want to work with a budget, want to start a test site before you move on or simply want to create a site for free, you can create a completely free site and put it online using all free tools and templates.

Use a free HTML editor such as Aptana Studio or PageBreeze to create your site. You can find many HTML tutorials on w3schools, but if you don't know how or don't feel like creating a site from scratch, you can find any free templates on sites like oswd or freewebtemplates.

Choose a free Web host (see Resources). Be sure to compare each one to see what you get. For example, there are some hosts that remain free because they place pop-up ads on every user-created site, which can drive away viewers. Look up statistics like uptime and space, and if possible, look for any customer reviews of the host itself.

Create an account at the host of your choice. You may be asked to choose a domain name during the creation process.

Access your control panel, then open your file manager. Upload all of your HTML files and images in the main directory.

Test your site by typing the domain name you were given or selected into your browser's address bar, then press "Enter." If your site has been uploaded correctly, you will be able to see your site in your browser window.

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