How to Make Your Own Sign

by Ainsley Patterson

There are lots of reasons that you might need to make your own sign. You may need signs for your garage sale, or maybe you are going to a sporting event and want to create a sign to show your support for your favorite athlete. Here's how to make your own sign for whatever purpose you may need.

Decide what you want your sign to say, which colors it should be and which pictures you want on your sign. It isn't a good idea to just start making your poster before you have even the slightest idea on how you want it to turn out. If you have a hard time visualizing your sign in your head, grab a small sheet of paper and do a rough sketch of how you would like it to look.

Lightly sketch your sign onto the poster board with your pencil. Don't write too dark with the pencil because it will be hard to erase any mistakes that you make.

Use paints or markers to fill out the sketch that you just did with your pencil. Paints work best if you are going to do large letters that need to be colored in; markers are better for thin lettering and designs.

Use glitter and stickers to make your sign really stand out. Glitter is a great tool to make your sign eye-catching, especially if you are making a garage sale sign that will be out in the sun where the glitter can catch lots of light. If you are going to take your sign to a sporting event and wave it over your head, then you may want to avoid the glitter and stick with stickers, because the glitter may end up falling off your sign and into your hair as you wave it around. You can find all kinds of themed stickers at your local craft store if you want to get really fancy with your sign.

Stand back and look at your sign. Make sure that you have everything you want on your sign, that all your words are spelled correctly and that you are satisfied with the finished product overall. Ensure that it is visible and readable from a distance.

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