How to Make My Own File Tabs

By Emmanuelle Douglas

There are several file templates available for your business and personal needs.
i file image by Jan Will from

Making file tabs can be done by utilizing templates that are available online and on your computer. Templates make the process easier because you can use the pre-designed format and add your own data. Once your data is added, all that's left to do is print or save the labels for future use. Utilizing templates lets you spend more time on content instead of trying to design a tab from scratch.

Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word 2007. Access the template gallery by clicking on the "Office" button and clicking the "New" option. Type "Tab" in the template search window and press the "Enter" key. Microsoft Word will display a list of available file tab templates.

Review the file tabs by using the "Page Up" and "Page Down" button on the keyboard. When you find a file tab template you want to use, select it and click the "Download" button. The file tab template downloads to your computer.

Add your data to the template by typing over the default information provided. Save your changes by clicking the "Save" icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Google Documents

Open the "Google Documents" website. Access the file template by clicking on "Create New" button. Select "From Template." In the search window, type "tab." Google will display all of the templates related to the tab search.

Preview the file tab template that you want to use by clicking the "Preview" link. Use the file tab template by clicking the "Use this template" button. The template opens.

Edit the template by typing your label information over the default template data. Save your changes by clicking "File" and "Save."

Avery Online Labels

Access the Avery label website. Select the "Dividers and Tabs" category. Pick the product number or description that fits the type of file tabs you are creating. Click "Next."

Pick a category from the provided list. Select a design from the provided images. Click "Next."Select the number of file tab set you plan to print. If you plan to collate them during printing, check the "Collate" option. Click "Next."

Add text to your file tabs. If necessary, add or modify the graphic by browsing your computer and selecting an image. Click "Next." Preview the file tabs. Click "Next." Print the labels by clicking the "Print Your Project" button. Save your labels by clicking the "Save Your Project" button.