How to Make Your Own Ecard With Music

By Faizah Imani

Make Your Own Ecard With Music
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Have you ever forgotten someone's "special day?" It could have been a birthday, anniversary, graduation or a plethora of other occasions. If you have ever forgotten one of those special days, then you already know that it is not a good feeling and not a good situation to find one's self in. Although you are not likely to get out of the fire too easily, you do stand a chance of turning down the heat of the fire a little bit. It's in times like these that a musical Ecard can be a man's best friend.

Smilebox Musical Ecards

Visit the Smilebox website (see Resources.) Click on the option to "Get Started."

Click on the link to download the free Smilebox software to your computer desktop. Once the download is complete, you will see the Smilebox icon in your "System Tray." Click the Smilebox icon to begin running the program.

Select the design you would like to use for your Ecard. Upload graphics, photos and insert text for your Ecard.

Choose the music you would like your Ecard to play. You can select music from the Smilebox library or upload your own music. To upload your own music, insert the music CD into the CD/ROM drive of your computer. Click on the "Browse" option that is Smilebox. Select the music track that you would like to upload.

Hallmark Musical Ecards

Go to the Hallmark website. Select the "Ecards" option. Select "Song Ecards."

Click on the Ecard template you would like to use. Click on the button beneath the Ecard that says, "Sign in to send this Ecard." You will be taken to a window that allows you to create a new account or enter an existing user name and password. Choose the option that is applicable to you.

Preview and personalize the text for your Ecard. Hallmark preselects the music for the Hallmark Ecards. Although Hallmark has many cards that play different genres of music, you will not be able to select a genre category. This means that you will have to browse through the cards until you find one with music that suits your taste. You will not be able to upload your own music.

Select the date you would like Hallmark to deliver your Ecard. Click on the "Check Out" button. Enter your credit card information to cover the $.99 fee that Hallmark charges to send your personalized musical Ecard.

DaySpring Musical Ecards

Visit the DaySpring website. Click on "Ecards." Browse through the Ecard categories to select the musical Ecard of your choice.

Personalize the text for the musical Ecard. You will not be able to personalize the music for your Ecard as DaySpring preselects the music . There are no specific music genre categories for the DaySpring cards. The music will vary depending upon the card you select.

Enter the email address of the person you would like to send the Ecard to and click "Send."

ChristiaNet Musical Ecards

Go to the ChristiaNet website. (See Resources.) Click on the category for the type of Ecard you would like to create.

Personalize the Ecard by adding your own text. You will not be able to change the musical selection for the Ecard and there are no specific music genre categories for the ChristiaNet cards.

Select the time you would like your musical Ecard to be delivered. Preview the Ecard and send it to a recipient of your choice.