How to Make Your Own CD Inserts

By Tina Amo

You can make your own CD case inserts with templates.
i cd/dvd closed jewel case (with paths) image by Tristano Ajmone from

You can make your self-generated CD look more profession with a jewel case insert. CD case inserts provide information on the contents of the CD, such as the name and location of each audio track or song. Fortunately, there are templates online that you can download and use to make your own CD jewel case inserts. Some of these templates are available at no charge.

Visit a website offering CD insert templates. Some of these sites include, and (see Resources).

Select a design for your jewel case. For instance, you can select one of two colors on or choose from 7 designs on CDStomper. Click “Download” to save the template to your computer.

Double-click on the file you just downloaded. Files from Microsoft and CDStomper will open in Microsoft Word. HP’s templates are in PDF files.

Edit the templates if possible. Click within the boxes for the CD inserts and type the names of the songs on your CD. If you wish to add an image, click “Insert” on the toolbar, highlight “Picture,” select “From file” from the sub-menu and navigate to the picture you want on the insert. You can also select “Clip Art” from the sub-menu if you would rather use one of Microsoft’s images. Note that you cannot edit HP’s PDF templates.

Place a sheet of paper into the printer tray and print the insert. HP suggests using heavyweight paper. Cut the insert out of the page. Use a butter knife to score the fold lines so you can fold the CD insert easily. If you use a PDF template, you can write the information onto the insert after printing.