How to Make Your Own 3D Character Online for Free

By Jennifer Williams

3-D character or avatar
i girl in stone alcove image by Heinz Hemken from

Creating a 3-D character online for free involves selecting a 3-D character generator and selecting from the myriad options presented for each characteristic of the avatar's appearance. These 3-D character generators produce figures in true 3-D, meaning that the characters are viewable from any angle as the program rotates and flips them by direction from the computer mouse. This 3-D and animation technology is effortless and free with these online generators compared to the earliest days of computer programming, when it required huge, complicated computer-aided drawing (CAD) programs. Programs that only the biggest companies could afford. Today, the programming is built in to the 3-D character and virtual world websites and is accessible for free in exchange for joining the site and downloading a plug-in.

Step 1

Look at the various 3-D character creation and virtual worlds websites available and choose the one that appeals to you the most in terms of content and artistic style. Become a member, log in and download any plug-ins required to allow the 3-D creation and animation program associated with the site to run properly.

Step 2

Explore the various options for creating the 3-D character provided by the site's 3-D character generator, then start by selecting the body, skin tone, head shape, and hairstyle length and color.

Step 3

Add the facial features and choose the colors for the eyes, brows and mouth, then position the cursor over the character and hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse to rotate the character. Examine the character from all angles to experiment with the 3-D animation technology programmed into the site.

Step 4

Experiment with the multiple-choice options made available by the site to clothe the 3-D character. Choose from mix-and-match bottoms and tops, or full suits, dresses and gowns. Some sites even provide lingerie. Then accessorize with bags, scarves, hats and props such as books, pets and sports equipment.

Step 5

Save the 3-D avatar for use on the desktop or within any number of the 3-D virtual worlds on the Internet.