How to Make Oval Picture Frames

By Foye Robinson

i Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

A picture frame is used to enhance the look of a picture. By choosing a frame that works well with your background, color scheme and image, you can make a photograph more elegant, professional or fun. You don’t have to use a traditional rectangular shape for your frame—you can utilize any shape of your choice. Since an oval picture frame is less traditional, it can make your photograph stand out even more. You can create an oval picture frame with image-editing software online or on your computer.

Creating an Oval Picture and Frame

Step 1

Visit an online photo editor such as LunaPic ( and upload the image you want to frame. Browse to retrieve the image on file and click on “Upload Now!” on the LunaPic site, or add the image's full Web location to the text box and click on “Go.”

Step 2

Select the “Crop Image” tool from the toolbox. Change the tool option (just above your image) from “Rectangle” to “Circle.”

Step 3

Use your mouse to draw an oval around the area (of your image) you want to crop; click on “Crop Image.” A checkerboard background will replace the area, indicating it’s now transparent.

Step 4

Choose a frame for your image by selecting “Draw” and “Border Tool” from the navigational bar. Your image should now be oval.

Step 5

Use a picture frame in the editor by selecting the options for "Tiled Background," or click on “Pick Color” to change the background of your frame. To change the thickness of your border, type in a number and select "Add Border."

Step 6

Use a picture frame on your computer (if you’d prefer) by selecting the "Clipboard Image" link instead. Then browse to find the clipboard border image from your computer, click on "Upload Now!" and close the pop-up window. Click on the dropdown list for “Tiled Background” and select "Your Clipboard." Click on "Add Border" to add your customized background.

Step 7

Select the entire image and background by clicking on the “Crop Image” tool. Select “Circle” from the tool dropdown list and use your mouse to create an oval around your entire image.

Step 8

Click on “Crop Image” to remove the areas you don’t want. Your entire picture and the frame should now be oval.

Creating Just an Oval Picture Frame

Step 1

Follow Step one in the previous section and upload an image you want to place in an oval frame.

Step 2

Click on the “Crop Image” tool and change the tool option from “Rectangle” to “Circle.” Draw an oval around the outer area you want to crop, then select “Crop Image.” A checkerboard background will replace that area.

Step 3

Select the “Crop Image” tool again, making sure the “Circle” tool is selected (just above the image). Draw an oval around the inner area of the image and click on “Crop Selection.” The inner area will be removed from the frame and replaced with a transparent background.

Step 4

Save the oval picture frame you just created by selecting “File” and “Save.” Click on the link option that lets you save your picture frame as a “GIF” or “Optimized GIF” so you can preserve its transparency and place it over a photograph of your choice.