How to Make an Oppo DVD Player Region-Free

by Marshal M. Rosenthal
Disk in the drive image by Sergey Galushko from Fotolia.com

Oppo DVD players share a restriction with other DVD players–only DVDs made for the “region” in which the user lives can be played. But you can use the Oppo's remote control to enter a secret code that allows the device to play any commercial DVD. Altering the Oppo DVD drive will not damage the Oppo or the DVD disc.

Step 1

Use the remote control to turn on the Oppo DVD player. Press the "Stop" button to return to the Home menu screen if a DVD in the Oppo began to play when the DVD player was turned on.

Step 2

Press the "Setup" button on the Oppo's remote control. Wait for the "Setup" menu screen to appear.

Step 3

Press the following buttons on the remote: "9," "2," "1" and "0." A new menu screen will appear.

Press "0" on the remote to make the Oppo a region-free DVD player.


  • If you accidentally enter the wrong numbers on the remote, just turn the Oppo DVD player off and on and try again.


  • Any obstructions between the Oppo DVD player and the remote control will prevent the player from receiving the remote's infrared beam.

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