How to Make Windows Media Player Open Wvx Extension Files

By Alexis Lawrence

i Jochen Sand/Photodisc/Getty Images

Files with the extension.wvx are Windows Media Video Redirector files. Unlike other Windows Media file types, WVX files do not contain any actual video or audio data, but instead contain shortcuts to specific URLS that store Windows Media video or audio files. Windows Media Player supports the WVX file extension and should open the files without issue. If there is a problem in opening the file, it may be due to a broken or missing URL.

Step 1

Connect your computer to the Internet. Since WVX files do not contain any actual video or audio data, and simply point to the location of video or audio data online, they cannot play on a computer that is not connected to the Internet.

Step 2

Open Windows Media Player. Go to “File” and “Open”. Make sure “Media files (all types)” is selected in the format box and navigate to the folder where the WVX file is stored on your computer. Double-click the file name to open the WVX file in Media Player. The WVX file should automatically locate the URL online and start playing the video or audio that is stored at that location.

Step 3

If the WVX file does not open, go to the “Start” menu and select “All Programs”, “Accessories” and “Notepad” to open the Notepad text editor. Click on “File” on the menu bar and choose “Open”. Select “All Files” in the format box, then navigate to the folder on the hard drive where the WVX file is stored and double-click the file name to open it in Notepad.

Step 4

Find the URL in the brief text of the WVX file. The URL is the text that begins with “http://www”.

Step 5

Check for mistakes in the URL. While you will not be able to correct mistakes with the website address itself, some mistakes are obvious, such as leaving the “www” out of the beginning of the address or cutting off the “.com” at the end. If there are any noticeable mistakes in the URL, correct the problem, save the file and try to open it in Windows Media Player again.

Step 6

Go to the URL listed in the text of the WVX file and check to see if the page is still there and if the WMV or WMA file is still available. If the web page has been taken down or the video file has been removed from the page, the WVX file is no longer valid.