How to Make Oovoo Work With Skype

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Oovoo is a video chat program that lets you place free video calls to friends and family. Oovoo is capable of integrating with Skype, another commonly used video chat program. This feature lets you call your Skype contacts through Oovoo, even if they don't have an Oovoo account. Skype must be running and you must be signed in when placing Oovoo calls to Skype contacts.


Open Skype and sign into your account, and then open Oovoo and sign into your account.


Click the "Skype" tab beneath your Oovoo profile picture.


Click "Connect." Open the Skype window. Click "Allow Access." Your online Skype friends will appear in the window.


Click the contact you want to call, and then click the "Call" button, indicated by the green and orange phone icon.


  • check If you have trouble connecting to Skype through Oovoo, try running Skype as a system administrator. Right-click the "Skype" icon and select "Run as Administrator."


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