How to Make an Online Game Server

By Tyson Simmons

Call of Duty 4 Online Game Server

Paying for companies to host your online game server can be costly. However, making your own online game server can be easy and can give you more server control and freedom than do hosting companies. Online game servers can be created for nearly any game that can be hosted remotely.

Download the server hosting software for your game. Save these files inside the game's folder (usually located in the Program Files section of your drive).

Begin configuring your server. Use notepad to open the 'server.cfg' file in the server software folder. This is the file where all server settings are configured.

Type your computer's IP address in the Server IP section of the configuration file. If you do not know your computer's IP address, open your web browser and navigate to Copy and paste the IP address shown at this site into your configuration file.

Type the IP address you just located into your web browser (i.e. When the router pop-up window opens, type in the password to your router.

Navigate to the Ports section of the page and create a new port. Set the numerical value for this port between 3000 and 4000. Then, set the access for this port to full access.

Type the port number you just created into the Port section of your server configuration file. 'This will allow users to navigate through your router and access the game server program.

Change the other options within the configuration file to your desired settings. These things include server name, game types, maximum players, maximum ping among other options.

Start the game server by double-clicking on the executable file included with the server software. This will usually be named server.exe..