How to Make a Free Online Call

by Sunny Martin

With the advent of the Internet, the world has become a smaller place. Through e-mail and social networking sites, it is possible to make immediate contact with friends, family and colleagues on the other side of the world. It is also possible, with the same technology, to speak to people all over the world for free. Provided you and the people you want to call have the same software on your computers, you can call and speak to each other for as long as you like, for free.


Search the Internet to find out what free software is available for making free online calls. There are a number of well-known and reputable service providers to choose from. When you want to make calls, those you are calling need to have the same software downloaded on their computers, so decide with your calling community which package to download and install.

Register your account and give yourself a user name and password. Keep a note of these so that you do not forget them in the future. Most software packages allow you trial the program, so make a test call according to the trial specifications. Once you are satisfied that the test call went well, you can start connecting with your friends and family.

As with other social networking programs, connect with your chosen community. E-mail your friends, family and colleagues and let them know what your user name is. Find out their user names and connect with them via the software package. You can only call people with whom you have connected and both parties need to be online at the same time for the call to go through.

Arrange a day and a time to make your call, so that both you and your callee are available and online at that time. Open your software program, check that the person you want to call is online. If you do not have a microphone built into your computer, put your headset on. Equally, switch your webcam on if you wish to have a video call. If your callee is online, follow the online instructions to call him and begin your call.

When you have finished your conversation, end the call. Close your software package, take off your headset and switch off your webcam.


  • check Your free online call can last as long as you wish, as long as your Internet connection is on and working efficiently.


  • close Set your privacy settings so that only your contacts can see you.

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