How to Make an Official Website

by Nicholas Pell

Creating websites has come a long way from the dark days when an extensive amount of coding knowledge was a prerequisite. Now absolutely no coding knowledge is necessary. Programs will build a web age for you. If you're a fan of a band, an author or an artist, or a person going into business for yourself, you may want to make an official website. This website will be the go-to place for information and news about whatever you choose.

Obtain permission to create an official website. Unless you are creating an official website for your own venture, you must obtain permission before even going to work on the site. Talk to the person or group that you wish to create an official website about. Pitch your idea to them, and make sure that they don't already have an official website and that they are interested in you creating one.

Register a domain. Registering a domain rather than hosting somewhere else makes your website look far more professional. If you are creating an official website for a person, band or product, having your own domain is a must. Think of a catchy title that is easy to remember. Then choose a domain registration service, and register your site on the Web.

Find a hosting service. Once you have a domain, you will also need a hosting service. Hosting services keep all the information for your website on a server so that it can be accessed by people on the Web. Some domain registration services also host but may not have prices and services that meet your needs. Do a little research, and find out what hosting service is right for you.

Download website creation software. A number of free programs exist for creating content for your official website, such as Joomla! and NVU. Download one of them to avoid tedious hours spent coding by hand.

Create content. The fun part of creating an official website is making the content. At the very least, you will need a banner and a landing page. The banner should be something visually interesting, the logo of the product or band, or a logo that you design yourself if one does not already exist. Use your website creation software to craft a professional-looking official website. You will probably want to include things like a biography or an about page, a news page, and a resume, bibliography, discography, or other representation of the subject's professional history. Media, such as music, videos, or product documentation or demonstration, can also be helpful.

Upload your content. Your final content files need to be uploaded to your host. This can be done using an FTP server or by using the control panel provided by your hosting service.

Update name servers. Go to your host, and find your name server information. Copy and paste this information, and insert it into the name server information field on your domain service. This will direct your domain to the content at the hosting service.

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