How to Make a Newsletter in Dreamweaver

by Foye Robinson

Newsletters are an important marketing tool. E-newsletters are used to send e-mail campaigns, online subscriptions and news. You can save a substantial amount of postage and money by sending out a newsletter via e-mail. It's no wonder newsletters are widely used in the business world. When you opt to receive a newsletter, your name and email address are added to a contacts list.


Open Dreamweaver and create the layout for your newsletter. To save time, use the website design of the company or group the newsletter is for (if you have it on file.)


Open the "Properties" window ("Window, Properties" or "Ctrl+F3") and click on the "Page Properties" button.


Select the "Appearance" category and change the default page font, size, text color and background color for your newsletter page. Change the left, right, top and bottom margins to "0" pixels.


Select the "Links" category in the "Page Properties" dialog box and set the font, size and colors for your links.


Choose the "Headings" category to set your headings for the newsletter page and click "OK." Dreamweaver will automatically generate the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) code for you.


Insert a table by selecting "Insert, Table" from the toolbar. Make your table width 700 pixels and add the number of rows and columns you'd like to use. Set the border thickness, cell padding and cell spacing to zero and click "OK."


Go to your "Properties" window to change the table height and center it.


Insert a second table below the first by selecting "Insert, Table." This table will be used for the body of your newsletter. (See step 6.)


Change the background color for the inside cells of your columns by placing your cursor within the cell you want to change. Change the background color in the "Properties" window.


Add any images or logos you want to use by selecting "Insert, Image." You'll want to link to images and/or logos on your web server, so they'll display in the e-mail. Type the full website address of the image file for the URL in the "Select Image Source" dialog box.


Add links to your newsletter by selecting "Insert, Hyperlink" or "Insert, E-mail Link." Add the full website address for the link in the "Link" text field.


Insert any other content you'd like to include in your newsletter and save your file as an HTML file by selecting "File, Save."

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