How to Make a New Tab Open on Google Chrome

By Bonnie Crowe

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i BartekSzewczyk/iStock/Getty Images

The power of Google Chrome’s browser is in its simplicity and customization options. You can open a new tab by simply clicking on the next blank tab to the right of other open tabs (hover your mouse over it and it displays “New tab”). When you open a new tab, you can visit a frequently visited or favorite site by simply clicking on its thumbnail image. You can also return to any recently closed tabs using the shortcut “Control-Shift-T.”

Using the Settings Feature to Customize Your Tabs

The browser settings feature is another way to open new and recently used tabs quickly. Click on the settings icon -- displaying “Customize and control Google Chrome.” From here, you can open a new tab, one or more recently closed tabs or your favorite sites. You can also set your Chrome browser to ignore the “new tabs” page and instead, open with your favorite tabs already loaded. Click the settings icon, then choose “Settings,” and change the “On Startup” setting to either re-use the settings from the last session, or customize which tabs you want opened every time you launch your browser.