How to Make Myself the Administrator of My Laptop

By Sean Mann

Logging in with the administrator account on your laptop is necessary when you want to install software or hardware, change other user accounts, access system files or change security settings. Windows 7 comes with a hidden administrator user that is disabled by default. Using the Windows "Computer Management" tool, you can enable the administrator account, set a password for it and then log in as it.

Click the Start menu, right-click "Computer" and click "Manage." On the "Computer Management" window, click "System Tools", click "Local Users and Groups" and click "Users."

Right-click the "Administrator" name and select "Set Password..." Click "Proceed" on the popup window, enter a password and click "OK." Your "Administrator" now has a password associated with it.

Right-click the "Administrator" name and select "Properties." If necessary, uncheck the "Account is disabled" checkbox. Click "OK." The "Administrator" account is now enabled and can be used.

Restart the computer or log off from the Start menu. Click the "Administrator" account on the logon screen, enter your password and log in. You now have "Administrator" rights on your laptop.