How to Make a Music Video Using Clips of Shows

By Contributing Writer

Updated July 21, 2017

The best TV shows make you fall in love with the characters and care deeply for them. Many people like to make music videos out of their favorite programs, splicing together video clips and adding a song. You can make your own music videos using clips of shows with some video-editing software and the right choice of music to fit your taste.

Digitize or find clips from TV shows. Go to one of the many video sites and save these clips to your hard drive. Make a special folder for everything, so it will be easy to find the ones you want to use. If you have DVDs of the show, you can rip these to digital files for editing. Think about the video quality. The better the quality, the bigger the file will be in terms of storage on your computer.

Decide which song to use. If the song is not digitized and saved on your computer, you’ll have to do that. Most video-editing programs can use a variety of files, but saving the song as an MP3 is a good idea just to be safe.

Make a plan for your music video. You can always change this as you go, but you should have a rough outline. Figure out which song you will use and find video snippets that are appropriate. If you’ve decided upon a love song, look for clips that show your favorite characters kissing.

Build your music video by adding and clicking and dragging clips into the timeline of your video. From time to time, play back what you have done to make sure you’re happy with the results.

Add the audio track. You’ll want to wipe out the audio from the TV show and add your song. You can do this by dragging the music you selected onto the software. Maneuver the audio with your mouse by clicking on it and dragging it to the exact spot you want it to be at for your music video.

Watch the whole video and make sure it’s as close to your vision as you can get before you start sharing it with the world.

Items you will need

  • Video-editing software

  • Show clips

  • Music