How to Make a Multipage PDF File

By Craig Witt

Make multipage PDF files.
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The Portable Document Format (PDF) was created by Adobe to allow the exchange of fixed-layout, noneditable document files across multiple operating systems and platforms. Using Adobe Reader, nearly any computer can view and print a PDF file using exactly the content and layout defined by the author. As long as you have the Adobe Acrobat program installed on your computer, you can create multipage PDF files of your own, either within your chosen application or by bringing together several PDFs using Acrobat's page layout functionality.

From an Application

Step 1

Open the application from which you want to create a PDF. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Publisher are three programs commonly used to create PDF documents.

Step 2

Select the menu option that allows you to send your document to the printer. This is usually "File" and then "Print." When the Print dialog box appears on-screen, click the drop-down menu containing the printer name and select the "Adobe PDF" option. Click "OK."

Step 3

Choose a save location and give the PDF file a name in the resulting dialog box. Click "Save" after doing so to create the PDF. As long as your original document contains content on multiple pages, so too will your newly created PDF file.

In Adobe Acrobat

Step 1

Open Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2

Click "File" in the top menu bar and then select "Open." Locate the PDF file containing the first page, or first group of pages, and then double-click its icon to open it.

Step 3

Click "Document" in the top menu bar and select "Insert Pages." In the resulting dialog box, locate the PDF file containing the next page(s) you want to add to your original PDF, and then double-click its icon.

Step 4

Select "After" from the drop-down menu in the dialog box that follows and then click "OK." The pages from the PDF file you selected in the previous step are added directly after the pages contained in the original file you opened in Step 2.

Step 5

Click "File" in the top menu bar and then select "Save" to confirm your changes and save your new multipage PDF file.