How to Make a Free Moving Logo

By Foye Robinson

Moving logos are often used online, allowing you to see the animated effect in action. Creating a free moving logo can be difficult without existing software. To cut costs, you can use a free online animation software. As with all free programs, you should check the terms beforehand. You may be asked to make a donation or add a link to the company's website. You can personalize your moving logo's color, text, image and background, depending on the program you choose.

3D Text Maker

Step 1

Go to 3D Text Maker (see Resources) and select your logo's font and color.

Step 2

Click the "Custom Dimensions" option under "Set Your Dimensions" and enter the size (in pixels) for the logo.

Step 3

Go to the "Set Other Variables" section to customize the the animation effect, speed, frame length and looping.

Step 4

Type your text into the "Enter Text" text field and click "Make 3D Text" to generate the animated logo.

Right-click on the animation. Select "Save Image As" to save the file.

Flaming Text

Step 1

Go to Flaming Text (see Resources) and pick an animated logo style, such as "Highlight Animation Logo," "Fire Logo," "Alien Glow" or "Whirl."

Step 2

Enter your text into the "Logo Text" text field.

Step 3

Customize the font, size, color and number of frames for the animation's play time. For additional options, click the "Advanced" option in the "Text" section to expand it.

Click the "Create Logo" button and select "Download Logo" to save your work.

Cool Text

Step 1

Go to Cool Text (see Resources) and select an animated logo style, such as "Animated Glow" or "Burning."

Step 2

Type your text below "Design Your Logo."

Step 3

Customize the font, color, size, angle and background of the logo.

Click "Render" to create the animated logo. Select "Download Image" to save the logo to your file.