How to Make Your Mouse Pointer Glow

by Greg Burosh

Users who are interested in jazzing up their computer screen can make the mouse pointer glow. The default Windows cursor themes are somewhat lacking in fun factor, so a free download is necessary to enable the mouse pointer to illuminate. Once you find the cursor theme you are seeking, setting up the glowing mouse pointer can be easily done.

Step 1

Download and install a free glowing mouse cursor theme, such as (see Resources for the link). Save the files in a location of your choosing and make a note of it.

Step 2

Click "Start" (or the "Windows" logo in Vista), then click "Control Panel." Change to "Classic View" if not displayed.

Step 3

Double-click "Mouse" and click the "Pointers" tab in the "Mouse Properties" window.

Step 4

Highlight "Normal Select" under "Customize" and click "Browse." Open the folder where you saved the cursor theme in Step 1.

Click the file with "Normal" in the title and click "Open." Click "Apply" and your cursor will now glow. Repeat the process by selecting "Help Select," "Working In Background," etc., and browsing the glowing cursor folder for the respective file. Click "OK" when finished to finalize the changes.


  • Always have antivirus software enabled before downloading files to ensure that they won't damage your computer.
  • If your web browser or antivirus program warns you that a particular website may harm your computer, it's best that you avoid visiting it.


  • To restore the original mouse cursor theme, return to the "Mouse Properties" window and click "Use Default."


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