How to Make Money with My Podcast

by Contributor

You know that having a Web site is an easy way to make extra cash on the Internet. It just takes time, research and constant improvements to start bringing in the big bucks. Your podcast can make you money as well. You just have to think of a few creative ways to use it to bring in the cash.

Think about and research the kinds of information for which people pay. Investigate online newspapers, sports Web sites and entertainment Web sites. Find out if these sites have paid memberships and then decide if you can offer similar information via your podcasts.

Think about the types of consultations, lectures, seminars and courses for which people typically pay. Investigate the Web sites of life coaches, psychologists, professors and instructors, business consultants, technology consultants and other similar professionals. Find out how much these professionals are charging for their services and determine if you can offer similar value through a series of podcasts.

Think about your connections to exclusive information. Consider the people you know, organizations to which you belong or specific niche knowledge you may have. Determine if you can form this knowledge into informative podcasts for which people might be willing to pay, such as interviews, tips, an audio course or lectures about this exclusive information.

Decide which of the above sources of content you are most passionate about and want to provide through your podcast.

Determine how you want to structure your payments. Do you want to charge a one-time fee for listeners to hear all of your podcasts or do you want to charge a monthly fee?

Set up a payment system on your Web site. Your payment system will allow you to accept payments from buyers and alert you when you have made a sale.

Create your order page. Provide a description of your podcast, what the buyers will receive, how often they can expect to receive new shows and, most importantly, why they should purchase your podcast.

Advertise your podcast.


  • check PayPal is a good choice for small membership Web sites and small online businesses. If you choose to go the membership route, PayPal can charge your subscribers monthly for you. 2CheckOut is another option for small merchants.
  • check Try to add a free version or free sample of your podcast to as many podcast directories as possible. This will help you get more subscribers.
  • check You want to have listeners eagerly signing up to your podcast. Be sure to create podcasts with interesting content and interesting titles to gain their attention.


  • close Don't forget to add the order button to your order page.

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