How to Make Money by Giving Advice

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Everyone has there way of doing things and usually has allot of advice to give. We like to simplify our life by making things easy on ourselves doing every day life stuff. Why not make money sharing our tips and ideas on things we do. Read on to find out how to make $1 a tip. Rates have been known to be upwards of $3 a piece, check website for current rate.

Think about the daily things you do and anything you do to make it easier. Be creative and have fun. Make sure to write your tips and ideas on paper, then continue to next step. They do not have to be long, in fact the shorter the better.

Go to the web site and sign up it is free.

Submit your work as they direct. Remember, every time you submit a "tip" you are selling it to them and if your tip idea is accepted you are selling all future rights to your tip. You will be paid $3.

After you submit your work, be patient and keep a eye on you email. They will send you a email to tell you if you idea has been accepted or denied.

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