How to Make Money With Clickbank

by Contributor

Clickbank is a marketplace where people can either sell egoods or sign up to sell other people's egoods. Most people have at least one front-end product, which is an egood of their own to sell. These items can be anything that can be downloaded without needing any part of it to be physically shipped.

Identify a niche market. Search the Clickbank marketplace to see what categories are available. Tailor your product to fit categories that are not already filled with similar items.

Write an ebook, create software or put together a report that will sell. Make sure it has a fresh angle that will make it different from any similar products.

Register for a seller's account with Clickbank. Pay the startup fee and have your account confirmed.

Create a mini-site to advertise your product. Write a sales letter that accurately describes the product and what it can do for the buyer. Use highly-searched keywords in order to get search engine traffic to your page.

Submit your page and your egood to Clickbank for approval. Take the Clickbank payment links provided to you from the site and put them onto the sales letter.

Choose a price for your item. Choose a percentage of each sale that will go to anyone who sells the item on your behalf.

Find new ways to market your item. Post information about it in forums and on related websites.


  • check Always offer fresh, original content in your egoods. If you can't write the item yourself, you can always contract the work out to someone who can write it for you.
  • check Offer affiliates a high percentage in order to sell more items. The marketplace items are in competition with each other, and affiliates will choose the ones that will make them the most money.