How to Make a Printable Monday Through Friday Calendar

by Monika Weise
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Time rules our lives, with appointments and deadlines guiding us through our days. Keeping track of time-sensitive tasks on a calendar keeps each day flowing smoothly and efficiently. You can budget both your money and your time by making a printable Monday through Friday calendar at home. Using programs already on your computer, you can create a functional calendar that you can print out whenever you need it.


Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button, then click on "All Programs" and "Accessories." Click on "Paint" (or "Paintbrush" if you are using a Mac).

Step 2

Click on the Line tool on the left side toolbar of the Paint window. To read the labels on the toolbar buttons, hover your mouse over the icons on the toolbar. Use the Line tool to create five columns for your printable calendar. You can also use this tool to create rows to write in appointments or times.

Step 3

Click on the Text tool on the left-side toolbar. Left-click in the box you created in Step 2 for Monday. A text box will appear, along with a toolbar where you can change the font. Choose a font, font size and font color. Type "Monday." Use the guides on the sides of the text box to size and position the text box. Repeat these steps for Tuesday through Friday.

Click on "File" on the menu bar, then click on "Print Preview." If you are satisfied with your calendar, click on the "Print" button at the top left of the preview window to print your calendar. If not, click the "Close" button on the top right of the preview windows. Make any changes, then print.

Word Processor

Step 1

Start a new document to create a printable calendar.

Start a new document in your word processor. Generally, you will click on "File" and then "New." Check your word processor's Help file if you need further instructions.

Step 2

Use your word processor's Table function to draw or insert a five-column table. Choose or draw as many rows as you will need for noting appointments on your printable calendar.

Step 3

Click in the far left cell of the table. Use your word processor's font function to choose a font along with font size and color. Type "Monday" in the first cell. Click in the next cell and type "Tuesday." Continue across the top row until you have entered Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Click on "File" on the menu bar, then click on "Print Preview." If you are satisfied with your calendar, click on the "Print" button or printer icon, usually located on the toolbar under the menu bar. If not, click the "Close" button, also usually located on the toolbar under the menu bar.


  • Check to see if your printer has enough ink and is loaded with enough paper for your project. See the specific instructions for your printer if you have questions.
  • Add a sixth column to enter the times of day if you wish to keep appointments on your calendar. Using the far left column, enter the times down the column. Add as many rows as you need.
  • Word processors come with many templates and have more available for download (see Resources). Look for a printable Monday-through-Friday calendar template on your word processor's web site.
  • You can add pictures and other effects to your calendar with your word processor. Get creative and add a pretty border.


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