How to Make a Microsoft Paint Signature

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

A signature using pen and paper shows a bit of your personality. On the computer that can't be done because fonts don't show character, but there is still a way to make a signature on the computer. Follow these steps and learn how to make a signature using Microsoft Paint and an image from your favorite video game.

Decide on the game that you are going to use for your game-related signature. Search for a starting image within that game.

Open up Microsoft Paint. Copy and paste the image into the program. If the image is saved to your computer then just right click on it and select to open the program in Microsoft Paint.

Select the area of the image that you want to use for your signature. It needs to be rectangular with the width greater than the height. Use the rectangular icon to select the area by clicking in the top left corner and dragging to the bottom right.

Copy this area by holding down "Control" and clicking "C." Open up a new page in paint and click "Control" and "V."

Choose a font to use for your signature. You can find many free fonts at Install the font in your fonts folder on your computer.

Type your name anywhere on the image you desire. It's a good idea for it to be in an area where there is not a lot of distractions. Highlight your signature and select the font you installed.