How to Make a Mailbox in iPhone

by J.S. Copper

Apple's iPhone comes with a built-in email application capable of full HTML emails. Setting up your device to receive email is as simple as selecting your provider from a list. It takes just a few steps to set up your email for one of the many large webmail providers, as well as configure the iPhone to receive your school or work email.

Select "Settings" from the Home screen.

Select "Mail, Contacts & Calendars."

Select "Add Account."

Select your email provider from the list. The iPhone can easily configure MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange or AOL Mail. Simply enter your user name and password as prompted.

Select "Other" if you want to set up a work or school email.

Check with your email provider for the correct POP/IMAP settings for downloading mail to third-party mail clients.

Enter your username, password, and incoming and outgoing mail server settings as prompted and as provided by your email provider.

Select "Save" upon entering your email information, and your iPhone will verify your account.

Click the "Home" button and open up the "Mail" application,. Your email will begin to download.


  • check If you have already set up your email with Apple Mail on your Mac OS X system, you can simply select your iPhone to sync with Mailp via the iPhone Settings Pane within iTunes. The email account information will be automatically added to the iPhone.


  • close Be aware that IMAP email accounts stay in constant sync, so that deleting an email via your iPhone will also delete it from your webmail or email client on your desktop computer.

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