How to Make a Mac PPT File Smaller

By K.C. Winslow

If you add a number of images to your PowerPoint presentation, you may find that the file size increases, making it difficult to transfer between computers and wasting storage space. However, PowerPoint for Mac allows you to remedy this problem by compressing the images within the presentation. When you compress pictures, be aware that this will decrease their resolution, meaning that images could appear pixelated or fuzzy. PowerPoint for Mac offers resolution settings for print, screen and email.

Open the PowerPoint file for which you want to decrease the size. Open the "File" menu, and scroll down to "Reduce File Size."

Click the "Picture Quality" menu, and select the desired resolution.

Select the "Remove Cropped Picture Regions" option if your presentation contains images you cropped. This will reduce the file size further.

Click "OK" to make the PowerPoint presentation smaller.