How to Make a .Mac Email Address

By Nicole Thelin

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Although the email address has officially been phased out, a site does exist to allow users to create these vintage addresses. The email address can be used for iChat and other basic services but will not authorize the full features of the .Mac or MobileMe experience. Users who seek the full functionality of those advanced features must sign up for MobileMe, Apple's Internet service that provides media sharing, email, calendar, online storage and more.

Access the "My Apple ID" page on

Choose your "Apple ID." This is the part of the email address that comes before

Fill in the remainder of the form, including your desired password and security question. The form will also request your birthday, name, current email address, preferred language, etc.

Read the Apple Terms of Service and Apple Customer Privacy Policy before you check the box.

Fill in the verification code by reading the letters in the box.

Press "Create Apple ID."