How to Make Lyrics Show on an iPod

By Michelle Carvo

Adding and showing lyrics on an iPod is a simple process if you have a Touch, Nano or other iPod that supports lyrics.
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Apple iPods, such as the Nano and Touch, come with a variety of features thanks to the addition of applications and games. However, the core feature of the iPod is the ability to play songs. Playing those songs is simple enough, but making the lyrics show on an iPod is a little bit trickier. By following a few specific steps, you'll be able to add and make lyrics show on your iPod.

Step 1

Manually add the lyrics to each song on your iPod that you want to have the lyrics shown when being played. Unfortunately, iTunes does not do this for you automatically so you'll need to add the lyrics by opening iTunes, right-clicking the song and selecting "Get Info" and then "Lyrics." Type in the lyrics or copy/paste them and then click "OK" to save them.

Step 2

Re-sync the songs to which you've added lyrics to your iPod. You can do this by selecting the file and dragging it over the "iPod" logo on the left side menu.

Step 3

Launch the iPod application on your iPod.

Step 4

Select a song to play on your iPod.

Step 5

Press the center of the screen while the song is playing on an iPod Touch. On a Classic or Nano, press the "Center" button.The lyrics will now show on the screen.

Step 6

Press the center of the screen or the "Center" button again to make the lyrics disappear.