How to Make Type Look Like Writing by Hand

By Jennifer Leigh

Give a project a personalized look with type that looks like handwriting.
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If you are working on a project that would benefit from type that looks like handwriting, you are in luck. There are a few ways that you can do this easily and efficiently using tools that you probably already have on hand. Utilizing the look of handwriting provides an organic and homemade quality to work that could otherwise come across as stuffy or boring. Handwriting works great for certain graphics projects, pamphlets, presentations and creative artwork.

Choose a font that resembles handwriting. Fonts refer to the style of letters and symbols with which you can choose to type. Fonts that look like handwriting are usually known as script fonts. Examples include Blackadder, French, Edwardian, Palace, Park Avenue, John Hancock and Bradley. These fonts are available in word processing software such as Microsoft Word, in other word processing software and in graphic design software.

Open the font tab in the software with which you are working. It is located under the Tools section. A list of available fonts will appear on your screen. Go through the fonts to find the ones that look like handwriting. You should have a few script fonts available to you in almost every software program, but if you do not, you can download a font from an outside website.

Look on the Internet for free fonts that you can download. There are many websites that have fonts available at no charge so that they can get some name recognition. Websites such as Fonts and 1001 Free Fonts have fonts available at no charge. Browse through the fonts until you find one that you like and download it. It will appear in your list of fonts from now on.

Scroll down to the font you want to use and click on it, then begin working on your project. As long as the font is selected, anything you type will look like the font, which resembles handwriting.