How to Make a Long Range Wireless Antenna

By Adam Quinn

Build a long range wireless antenna using a tin can.
i open tin can image by Melking from

If you live in a rural area or on a large plot of land, you may need a long range wireless antenna to access your town's free Wi-Fi signal or distribute your own wireless connection around your property. To maximize signal strength at a distance, a "cantenna" wireless antenna design is a long range option for the budget conscious builder.

Measure and mark 1 13/16 inches up from the closed end of the can.

Drill a 1/4-inch starter hole through the can at the mark. Then widen this hole with a 5/8-inch bit.

Slide the N connector through the hole, copper wire first. Bend back the hole in the can with pliers if the N connector will not fit through. Then tighten the bolt ring of the N connector on the inside of the can using the pliers.

Adjust the N connector so the 3/16-inch copper wire radiator is vertical and is 1 12/16 inches from the back of the can.

Connect the cantenna using a pigtail wire fitted with a male N connector and a connector particular to your wireless card.