How to Make a Title List for a Rowe CD Jukebox

By Michael E Carpenter

Rowe International has been making jukeboxes and bill changer machines for more than 80 years. Modern Rowe jukeboxes use both MP3s and CDs in their machines. Jukeboxes that use CD title displays use both the CD booklet cover art and a song list for each display. You can quickly and easily create these displays. You just need a title display list slip and the CD cover art.

Find title strips to include all the songs on the CD. Title strips are provided with the Rowe jukebox at the time of purchase. These perforated sheets need to be separated and completed for each CD. Free copies of the sheets can be found online at websites such as Pinball Rebel, which offers multiple color title strips for Rowe jukeboxes.

List the name of each song in order onto the title strip. The names can be typed on or hand written. In the "Disc Number" box, enter the number that corresponds to the CD's placement in the machine. Double check to make certain the disc number and CD location match up before installing the title slip.

Prepare the title strip to be inserted into the title page holder, otherwise known as the display. If the title strip is from Rowe, fold back the sides along the perforated lines. Remove the bottom section of the strip along the perforation. If the strips have come from a website, fold the sides of the strips so they will fit into the title page holder. Use scissors to cut off the remainder at the bottom of the page.

Insert the CD cover art into the title page holder. The CD cover art fits into the left hand side of the display. If the cover art is the booklet included with the CD, remove interior pages so the CD booklet is no more than two pages thick. Slide the top of the cover underneath the tabs at the top of the title page holder. Press the bottom of the CD cover art under the tabs at the bottom.

Place the title strip on the right-hand side of the title display page. Press the strip under the tabs at the top of the display. Work the bottom of the title strip page under the tabs at the bottom of the title display holder.

Repeat the process for each remaining CD that is to be loaded into the jukebox.