How to Make the Lip Symbol on Messages in Facebook

by Ryan Menezes

Along with the most famous emoticons -- the smile, the frown, the grin, the gasp -- Facebook supports a winking face with a pair of puckered lips. This face is the "kiss" emoticon, a romantic symbol for messages to your significant other. Facebook includes a menu for inserting emoticons in messages, but this symbol list doesn't display the kiss smiley. To add the lips symbol to a message, you have type the symbol's keyboard shortcut.

Step 1

Navigate to a friend's profile, and then click "New Message" to open the New Message dialog box.

Step 2

Click the arrows in the dialog box's upper right corner to open the Messages app, displaying your new message along with all previous messages with your friend.

Step 3

Type your message, including the following text -- a colon, a hyphen and an asterisk: :-*

Click "Send" or "Reply" to send the message with the lips symbol.


  • You will not see the converted symbol until you have sent the message.

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