How to Make Links When Printing With CutePDF

By Jason P. Browning

PDF is a good format in which to distribute your document to multiple users.
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Available in both free and paid versions, CutePDF converts documents created in Microsoft Word, Excel or other applications -- and their associated links -- into a PDF format in a few simple steps.

Create your document. You can use a variety of applications. CutePDF works with any application, as the PDF translation occurs when the "Print" function is activated.

Create any necessary hyperlinks within your document. If you are working with Word, Excel or another Microsoft Office application, create a hyperlink by highlighting the text you want to become a link, and pressing "CTRL+K" or by right-clicking and selecting "Hyperlink" from the drop-down menu. Enter the link address, make any necessary changes to the display text and click "OK."

Convert your document. Click "File" and "Print." Select "CutePDF" as your printer and click "OK."

Save your PDF file. After you complete Step 3, the "Save As" dialog will be displayed. Select the file location and enter an appropriate file name. Click "OK."