How to Make a Leaflet in Microsoft Publisher

by John Michael Thomas

Create a leaflet in Microsoft Publisher using the built-in Flyers templates, which you can select when you create a new document with Publisher.

Create a New Flyers Document

Open Microsoft Publisher.

Double-click Flyers from the list of template categories presented.

A specific template, Bounce in the Flyers category.

Publisher displays a list of flyer templates in different styles. Choose a style and double-click it.

Edit the Document

Move, Resize and Delete Elements

To move an element, click on the element, hold down the mouse button, and drag the element to a new position.

The Element resize handles.

To resize an element, click on the element to select it and display the resize handles, which are the squares on the sides and the circles in the corners. Click on one of the resize handles, hold down the mouse button, and drag to change the size. When you drag a corner, the element changes size without changing dimensions, but if you drag a side you stretch the element wider or narrower than it was.

To delete an element, click on the element and press the Del key.

The ribbon INSERT tab.

To insert a new text box, select the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Draw Text Box. To insert a new image, select the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Pictures.

Edit Element Contents

To edit the text in a text box, click in the text box and then type to add, delete or modify text as you would in any document. To change the format of text in a text box, highlight the text you want to change, click the Format tab in the Text Box Tools section of the ribbon, and select an option to modify the format of the selected text.

Changed text in a text box.

To change how an image is displayed, click on the image, click the Format tab in the ribbon, and select an option from the ribbon.

The Format Object dialog.

To see detailed formatting options, right-click on the object, select Format Picture, Format Autoshape or Format Text Box from the menu, and edit the options in the Format Object dialog.

Save the Document

The FILE tab in the ribbon.
The Save option in the FILE tab.

After you finish making changes, select the File tab on the ribbon and click Save.

Publisher prompts you to enter a new file name for the document. Make sure to browse to the location where you want to save the file before you press the Save button, so you know where to find the new document.

The Save As dialog.

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