How to Make Labels Using Pages

by Andrew Todd

Pages a word processor that is part of the Apple iWork office suite. Pages is compatible with all major word processor document types, including DOC files. If you are trying to print labels using Pages, you can download templates specific to the label size that you are trying to print. Although the templates are often Microsoft Word templates, you can open and edit them using Pages, then print the labels directly from Pages.

Look on the label packaging for the label style number. The label number is often a four- or five-digit number, such as 42895 or 5955.

Open your Web browser and navigate to a label template Web page (see Resources for several links). Once on the page, search for the template designed for your label style number. Download the template once you have located it, and save it to an easy-to-find location, such as the desktop.

Double-click on the label template to open it in Pages.

Enter your information on the template, using the gray lines as guides for the edges of the labels. Do not type outside of the edges, as the information outside the edges will be cut off.

Load the label page in your printer according you the printer's manufacturer's instructions.

Click "Print" to print your labels.

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