How to Make a Jawbone Charging Cable

by Greyson Ferguson
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The Motorola Jawbone is a Bluetooth earpiece that is able to sync up with just about any mobile phone (as long as it is Bluetooth enabled). With the Jawbone, you can make calls hands-free in your vehicle and anywhere else. Although the Jawbone comes with a charger, you can also charge it through a USB connection. To do so, you need to make a connection adjustment to install the charge the equipment.

Step 1

Plug the USB cable into the full-sized connection on a USB mini-adapter. The USB connection is the standard, 1/2-inch jack on most USB cables. It is the same connection size as what is found on a computer. USB mini is the smaller connection option that is roughly a quarter of the size of a standard A port. Many phones, Bluetooth devices and other small electrical devices have USB mini ports.

Step 2

Plug the mini end of the adapter into the mini USB connection on the Bluetooth.

Insert the opposite end of the cable into a USB connection on your computer. This will draw an electrical current from the computer and begin charging your mobile headset.


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