How to Make the iPod Control Folder Unhidden (5 Steps)

By Casey Anderson

Connecting your iPod to your computer causes your iPod to act as an external hard drive, allowing you to move files to and from your device. However, the iPod control folder does not automatically appear once it is connected to the PC and must be unhidden in order for your computer to recognize the folder. Accessing the hidden iPod folder can be helpful in saving music and media if you are transferring to a different PC or have lost files due to a crash.

Step 1

Connect your iPod to your computer using the iPod USB cable. Open the iTunes application.

Step 2

Click the "iPod" icon and select the "Summary" tab. Click "Enable disk use."

Step 3

Go to the Charms bar. Click "Search" and type "Computer" in the open search window. Click "Apps" and choose "Computer."

Step 4

Open the "View" tab from the top menu bar. Check the box next to "Hidden items" in the "Show/hide" category. The iPod control folder will appear as a separate drive.

Step 5

Click the iPod folder to access the files and media on the device.