How to Make Your iPhone a Remote Control to a Panasonic Viera

By Adrian Grahams

Use your Apple iPhone as a Panasonic Viera TV remote control.
i Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Panasonic offers a free app that you can download to turn your Apple iPhone into a remote control handset for an Internet-enabled Panasonic Viera TV set. The app works with Panasonic Viera sets made after 2011, providing the TV set and the iPhone are both connected to the same home Wi-Fi wireless network. After setting up and activating the iPhone app, you can control the main functions of the Viera set by swiping and tapping the iPhone's touchscreen.

Step 1

Download the Panasonic Viera Remote app from the App Store application on your iPhone.

Step 2

Check that your iPhone is connected to your home wireless network. Tap the "Settings" app on the display screen, then tap the "Wi-Fi" option. If Wi-Fi isn't enabled, swipe the tab to the "ON" position. Select your home network from the list of available networks. If prompted, enter the network password.

Step 3

Tap the right-arrow button next to the network name on the Wi-Fi screen. Write down the numerical address next to "Router" in the IP Address screen; for example "" You'll need this information later on when setting up the Panasonic Viera TV set.

Step 4

Press the "Home" button under the iPhone display screen to exit the settings menus.

Step 5

Ensure that the Panasonic Viera TV set is connected to your home network. If not, connect the set to your router with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly with a wireless adapter that plugs into the set's local area network port on the back panel. Some Viera sets include an integrated wireless adapter. Check the TV set's user manual for Internet connection options specific to your Viera model.

Step 6

Press the "Functions" button on the Viera's remote control handset. Select "Setup" followed by "Network" in the on-screen menus. In the IP Address/DNS Settings menu, ensure that the address displayed in the "Gateway" section matches the address you copied earlier from the iPhone.

Step 7

Select the "Network Link" option in the Network menu screen. Scroll to "Network remote control," then select "Enable" to ensure the iPhone app can operate the TV set.

Step 8

Tap the "Viera Remote" app on the iPhone's screen.

Step 9

Wait a few minutes for the iPhone to scan the network and detect your Viera TV set.

Step 10

Tap the Viera TV set in the list of available devices to connect the set to your iPhone.

Step 11

Select your preferred remote control function by tapping or swiping the screen to change the channel or the volume level. Depending on the Viera model, you can also use the iPhone app to view photos and videos stored on the TV set or a connected SD card or external hard drive.