How to Make iPhone Headphones Louder

By Gemma Craig

Speaker output increases when an amplifier is added to the mix.
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Whether you’re using a hands-free headset with your iPhone for talking on the go or using a standard pair of headphones to listen to music, low volume can make it difficult to properly hold a conversation or enjoy a song. Although some apps are available that claim to boost the iPhone's headphones volume, they don't always work well and can cause a drop in audio quality. Fortunately, it is possible to increase your iPhone’s headphone volume without losing audio quality using a small, pocket-sized headphone amplifier.

Step 1

Purchase a pocket amplifier, which is a small device that -- when used in conjunction with an audio device and a pair of headphones -- boosts the device’s volume louder than the device allows without a loss in audio quality. Depending on the pocket amplifier you purchase, you may be able to boost the audio’s bass in addition to the overall volume, providing a richer, deeper sound.

Step 2

Plug a standard stereo cable into your iPhone’s headphone port and then plug the other end of the cable into the pocket amplifier’s line-in port. Insert a battery into the amplifier’s battery port if it doesn’t already have one and switch the amplifier on. Plug the headphone’s cable into the “headphone” or “line-out” port on the amplifier; the exact wording varies among models.

Step 3

Play an audio file on your iPhone or turn on an Internet radio app. Put on the headphones. Turn up the volume on the iPhone and then slowly increase the audio on the pocket amplifier until it is loud enough to hear comfortably.