How to Make Internet Videos Not Blurry

By Suvro Banerji

Online videos are sometimes blurry or choppy as they stream on the Internet. You can fix the blurs by following troubleshooting techniques. The options are limited if the problem originates from the server/website where the video file is stored. Certain steps in this process may require you to have administrative rights on the computer that you are using to watch the videos.

Close unused browser windows. Close unused applications and programs that may be using up your Internet bandwidth. Stop all downloads.

Launch the media player that is playing the Internet video. Click the "Options" or "Preferences" tab, depending on the media player. Click "Use browser proxy settings" if you use Windows Media Player. Click "Use my Web browser's HTTP proxy" if you use Real Player. Click the "Automatic" streaming option if you use Quick Time.

Clear your Web browser's cache and cookies. Click the "Tools" tab on your Web browser and select "Internet Options." Click the "Delete..." button under "Browsing History." Check "Temporary Internet files." Check "Cookies." Click the "Delete" button again.

Pause the Internet video to give the video time to finish buffering. Let the red loading bar beneath the player load completely to the end of the player. Play the video once the Internet video is loaded completely.

Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player if you are watching an Internet video embedded on a website such as YouTube or Vimeo.