How to Make the Internet Faster on Your Phone

by James McElroy
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Although the Internet speed on your phone is dependent on some factors that you cannot change, such as your processor speed and your network connection speed, you can employ a few tactics to make sure you get the fastest possible performance. These quick fixes can speed up your service when the Internet is running slow on your phone.

Step 1

Reset the phone's network connection by turning the phone off, then back on, or by turning airplane mode on, then off. Sometimes Internet phones get stuck in a connection with a cell tower that is meant for older phones and has a slower data speed. Your phone has an icon that tells you what kind of connection your phone has. Consult your phone's manual to learn what you phone's icon for that connection is, and reset the connection when you see a different icon.

Step 2

Connect to a Wi-Fi network. Many newer Internet phones can connect with Wi-Fi networks, which are generally faster than the cellular network. If you have a Wi-Fi network at home, set your phone to connect to it automatically, and use public Wi-Fi at places like coffee shops and airports.

Turn off applications running in the background. Your phone needs the processor to use the Internet and if other programs are using the processor your Internet service will slow down. On a BlackBerry, press and hold the BlackBerry, or menu, button and a window will open with icons for open applications. Close them. Android users must download a task killer application from the market to close programs. iPhone users can tap the home button twice in quick succession to view open apps, then press and hold the icon for the app you want to close. Tap the red circle that appears at the top-left corner.


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