How to Make Internet Download Faster and Quicker

by Contributor

If you have ever been through a slow download, the question you ask yourself is how to make your internet download faster (or quicker). There are various reasons why computers and internet connections download slowly and therefore there are several ways to download faster from the internet. To download quicker you may have to get a faster computer, get a faster internet connection, or take other measures to make downloads go faster when on the net.

Read the steps below for ideas on how to get the internet to download faster both for problems that occur all the time and for temporary download problems.

** Make sure there is nothing on your computer that is slowing its performance ** To get your computer to download quicker, you first want to make sure the problem is not due to your computer being overworked. If the problem is temporary and usually you download quickly and fast but today download is slow, then try closing off extra windows or any stuck programs that can be making your computer not work up to par.

** Upgrade your computer ** If you have a very old computer, have limited size hard drive or a small RAM, doing anything on your computer can take a long time. Downloads, which can go slow even on new top of the line computers, can go very slow in these cases. You may want to update your computer if you plan to download often.

** Make sure you do not have any viruses ** Getting rid of viruses can make downloads faster as some viruses use up computer resources that make your computer act slow.

** Get a faster internet connection ** Increase your internet connection speed if you plan on downloading from the internet regularly. Get DSL if you do not have DSL already. DSL allows for much faster download than internet dial up connection.

** Find out if there is a problem of internet speed in your area ** If you have a fast internet connection but feel you are still downloading slowly, call up the phone company and find out if they have a problem or internet limitations in your area. Although this is usually not a problem in large cities, small towns can have a problem where even if you sign up and pay for fast or quick internet speed, the phone lines may not be able to handle it.

** Make sure there is nothing else downloading at the same time ** If you are having a temporary download problem, make sure you do not have any other programs downloading at the same time as this can make for slow internet downloads. This is also true if there are other computers using the same internet connection - make sure the other computers on the same connection are not downloading at the same time.

** Try downloading at a later time ** Sometimes the internet download site is overworked. By downloading at a time when less other people are downloading, you can download quicker.

** Try using an alternative download link ** Sometimes a download website will offer several download links. If one does not work fast enough, try a different link that may work quicker.


  • check If your problems are major, can a professional computer technician to check out your computer and give personalized advice on how to make the internet download fast.