How to Make Free International Calls From PC to Phone

by Kenneth Coppens

With today's technology, you no longer need a phone to make a call. With the help of the Internet, you can call anyone anywhere in the world. While several programs let you make calls for as little as two cents per minute, an option is available to make calls for no cost at all. And no software is needed to make the free calls.

Step 1

Plug your microphone and speakers into the computer. Turn the speakers on if they do not turn on automatically.

Step 2

Open your web browser and type in EvaPhone.com into the address bar. Press "Enter" to go to the web page.

Step 3

Choose the country you want to call from the drop-down menu. Type in the phone number in the designated box above the number pad.

Step 4

Click on the green phone icon to make the call.

Click on "Allow" when the Adobe Flash Player prompt comes up on the screen. The call will go through shortly after this.


  • You are limited to two five-minute conversations per week with this website. You must pay a small fee if you want to have longer conversations.

Items you will need

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Microphone
  • Speakers

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