How to Make Free International Calls From a Landline

by Khalidah Tunkara

Making international phone calls to loved ones overseas is a very costly endeavor. Because of this, you can limit your time on the phone or deal with a costly phone bill every month. Finding an alternative method is important. Skype, a free VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software, is used to make free calls over the Internet.

Purchase a SkyDECT hub, which is a device that allows you to receive all your VoIP phone calls through your landline phone. The SkyDECT hub can be purchased on the Internet at various locations.

Download the Skype software and set up your account. It is free and takes seconds to do.

Make sure the person you would like to call has set up a Skype account as well. The Skype international call service is free only if both parties are Skype users.

Set up your SkyDECT hub. The first step of this is plugging in your SkyDECT hub into your computer's USB port and then into your landline's telephone jack, using a telephone cord.

Sign on to your Skype service and make your call. You are now using Internet calling through your landline telephone and have the ability to make international phone calls free of charge.

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