How to Make Free International Calls on an iPhone

by Ashli Norton

Whether you are on your dream trip to the south of France or just growing your relationship with your Japanese pen pal, making calls internationally can be expensive when done on a traditional land line, and even more on your cell phone.

To save some major cash, the cheapest way to make all of your calls across the ocean is to use your iPhone and a service with an iPhone app that supports free user-to-user phone calls.

Download an app that supports free calls to other users in the network (see Resources).

Open the app on your iPhone from the home screen.

Sign up and become a user on the service you choose on your iPhone by following the prompts with the app you choose.

Get the user name or assigned phone number of the person you would like to call internationally.

Enter the user name or assigned phone number into the app to make your phone call.

Wait for the phone to ring and the caller to pick up and complete your international phone call.


  • check The person you calling internationally must have a user name with the service you are using to place the free phone call.
  • check To make calls to direct phone lines internationally, use the phone services' low international direct-line pricing.

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