How to Make a Free Interactive Website

By Laurie Rappeport

Website builders can experiment with creating an interactive website by signing up with a free webhost.
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Free webhosting services give novice web builders the opportunity to explore the possibilities that owning a website can offer. These webhosting services allow the individual to create an interactive website for free. The website builder can upload a simple website with graphics, text, hyperlinks, a site-based email program and forums. By creating an interactive website, you can use the website's free webbuilding tools to connect you to the site's visitors and allow the visitors to connect to each other.

Find a webhost which offers free websites. Several webhosting companies offer free webhosting services, such as, and Webhosting directories provide information that allows customers to quickly summarize the benefits of some of the web's most popular free websites. The information includes reviews of the sites as well as data about available space on each site, the sites' scripting and whether or not each webhost places their ads on the free websites of clients.

Select a webhost that provides the options that you want and sign up with the webhost. Submit contact information and complete the webhost's security clearance. Sign the agreement and choose an owner username and password.

Select a domain name for the free interactive website. Select a template for the website from the template options that the webhost offers.

Create website files/pages. Map out the site so that the webpages will complete and complement each other. Insert graphics and text on each page. Insert hyperlinks into the pages to create crosslinks between the site's pages, as well as links to other similar sites. Notify owners of other websites that you have created a link to their website and request that they link to your site as well to bring your site more visitors.

Upload the forum tool to your website to allow site visitors to chat with each other, asking questions and providing requested information.

Add the email tool to your website to allow you to send emails using your domain name as your email's domain address and allowing your site's visitors to contact you directly through your website.