How to Make an Inactive Add in Active in Excel

By Kristy Borowik

If the add-in is not stored in Excel, you may need to use your installation disc to install it.
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When you install Microsoft Excel, you have a choice to also install some of Excel's add-ins, such as the Solver tool. These add-ins are stored in Excel but are not available from the menus until you activate them. Before trying to locate your installation disc, try activating the add-in you need through the Excel Options screen. If the add-in does not show in the Manage drop-down list, you will need your Excel installation disc and can easily install the add-ins you need by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 1

Click the Microsoft office button at the top left, and then click the "Excel Options" button.

Step 2

Select "Add-ins" from the Excel Options window.

Step 3

Verify that "Excel Add-ins" is selected in the Manage drop-down list and click "Go."

Step 4

Select the check box that corresponds with the add-in you need and click "OK."

Step 5

Follow the onscreen instructions to install the add-in.